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Alex and Lisa began dancing together in 2001, having already had amazing dancing carreers of their own. In the summer of 2001, Alex decided to go on holiday to England, to see the famous London dance studios. One day, he went to Cheam to see the famous studio there, and happened upon David and Denise Sicamore locking up. They started talking, and Denise suggested that Alex should try out with Lisa. Though not having planned to have a try out, Alex and Lisa met that summer, and have been dancing together ever since. Read the Biography.


Click here to read an interview with us on website. Last month we appeared on the BBC website.

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We try to keep the website up to date. Click on a calendar day below to see what we have planned for the future. We still compete, we do shows, demonstrations and we teach. Please click here to find out of our services and contact us to discuss our availability. Check our latest results and photos on

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